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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy (QHS&E)
Quality Policy

Quality Guarantee

Mainstem International quality policy is to provide and deliver products and services which meet or exceed our customer requirements, while working toward continual improvements and customer satisfaction. This goal is achieved through the establishment of a quality management system designed to ensure product conformity, provide measurements of its processes and utilize the measurements for continual improvement of its processes.

Occupational Health Policy
The company makes provision for the first Aid units and engages qualified MEDICS to administer same. In addition to this the company establishes retainer ship with approved clinics. This is to ensure where the need arises, adequate medical attention and care is given to employees. Mainstem International believes that there is a relationship between accident prevention and good health Policy, It is therefore our drive to maintain a good health oriented workforce and environment.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy
At Mainstem International our core value is to maintain outstanding Quality, Health, Safety and security of our employees and other persons we come in contact with in our work as well as the protection of the Environment in which we operate are good for business. It is in view of this belief and the need ensure high quality services to our clients that our management considers, Health Safety and Environment (HSE) matters of equal importance with productivity.

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